Virtual Refrigerator

     My kids helped me practice crafts for a few classes that I was planning. We used pre-cut frames for the stained glass pictures with kite paper that had been unused since our window star project.

     A Pinterest link led me to this super cute and fairly simple Easter egg paper craft picture tutorial. We tried it this week, too, and they turned out super cute. I made some of them even easier for the kids that couldn't yet use scissors, they just tore colored tissue to fill in the egg and pressed it onto the paper that was first covered with a glue stick. Share your links and visit the others; maybe you, too, will be inspired.
Virtual Refridgerator

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  1. I haven't done stained glass art pictures with Alyssa. I may have to try this project with her - it looks neat! Hopefully it'll be easy for us. I love how colorful yours turned out.


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