The first day of March

     How long does jet lag last? I finally made it through the day without a nap, but still ended up going to bed at 7:30. Crazy, right? So my First Day pictures are a bit lacking this month. Not pictured-- work in the morning, shopping for Powpow then him driving up on the golf cart to let me in his house and my surprise that my son was riding with him (thankfully he did have his bike helmet on since he had ridden his bike to the pond to fish with Powpow), the fruit stand with no tropical fruits which I've been craving since my return, the sink repair my dear hubby did last night (no more leaking kitchen faucet!!), the delicious dinner (Powpow joined us) that my husband made and my daughter assisted with, the ice cream we didn't eat because I went to bed and forgot my plan to surprise the kids with chocolate dipped ice cream cones. Despite all that is lacking, here is a condensed glimpse at our first day:

upside down food bowl in the little nocturnal noisemaker's box-- the bowl shows just how tiny Popcorn is
Our kitchen was also home to the three baby guineas since it is so cold outside. 
I've successfully given up my diet Dr. Pepper addiction but haven't completely kicked caffeine. 

No fear has a whole new meaning to me now.

The girls' faux chenille sewing project from yesterday... it worked! 

I felt the cold all the way to my bones. Brrr!

No more broken windshield!!! 
My sweet hubby had it repaired and changed the oil in the van while I was gone.

After unloading his groceries, Powpow and Joseph returned to the pond before I even made it home. 

The kids got silly with the baby corn in the stir fried veggies at dinner. 
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  1. I love the picture of the cat and the sewing project looked really cute!

  2. ROFL Loving the corn!!!

  3. Your kitty looks unconvinced! LOL I have a picture of my kitty for First Day; she looks how I feel most of the time. Welcome home!

  4. LOL Love the baby corn!


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