Press4Kids (P4K) just launched its first publication, News-O-Matican educational news app that coversbreaking news, sports, science and much more in an accessible and kid-friendly way!

Targeted to kids ages 7-10News-O-Matic is a week day newspaper application which includesfive daily news stories, detailed images, videos, illustrations, maps, timelines and games. P4K’s objective is to inspire a generation of childrento become habitual news readers and well-informed global citizens.

News-O-Matic gives children the opportunity to explore the latest current events through the app, while also giving them a voice to express their views. Children can interact with the Editor-in-Chief by rating stories, drawing pictures, asking questions or expressing opinions about current topics in the “News Room” section of the app.
Created by a skilled team—including child experts, designers and entrepreneurs—News-O-Matic aims to transform the news experience for children in a safe, interactive environment while encouraging them to become knowledgeable, productive members of society.

You can visit www.press4kids.com. Make sure to like Press4Kids on Facebook and follow on Twitter for the latest updates.

Child's Play Communications provided three day access to this app for the purpose of this review. All opinions shared are my own and those of my family.

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