Rainbow Jello

     For no special reason other than the enjoyment of making and eating it, when I saw blue jello on the shelf at the store I decided it was time to make rainbow jello again. The girls helped me find all of the colors of jello and decided they liked it in individual cups better than one large rainbow in a trifle bowl. We grabbed a pack of clear plastic cups and the six colors of jello mix along with the groceries that were actually on our list.
      One layer at a time, an hour and a half to two hours apart, we layered our rainbow until bedtime. This morning we finished the remaining layers. 14 cups held about 3 large serving spoonfuls of each color. I have no unique instructions for this, just prepare jello one pack at a time when the previous layer gels.


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  1. Cute! Great project for this time of year when I feel like it always raining where we live...


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