To wrap up our study of Brazil, the kids helped me make a batch of brigaderios-- rich chocolaty goodness shaped into a ball and rolled in powdered cocoa. We first heard of these from a friend a few years ago and have made them several times for special birthday treats. The kids were delighted to find them in their book A Trip Around the World. Here is a bit more information about these delicious treats.

Brazilian chocolate candy

     This recipe includes butter which we substituted with coconut oil this time.

rolled in colored sugar sprinkles

     Our favorites are rolled in hot cocoa mix. We have also tried cocoa powder, instant coffee, and candy sprinkles. This batch was rather soft, and the balls all flattened out. I think we left the butter completely out with no substitution one time, and they turned out a bit more firm. Either way they disappeared quickly.


  1. I love cooking and baking with coconut oil.

    1. I've been using it to replace butter in a lot of recipes.

  2. Oh my those look so yummy!! I don't dare make them for my diabetics though. lol

    1. Good idea. I don't share these with Powpow. He did get angel food cake today and strawberries yesterday, though. :)


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