The Story of Ruth Through a Child's Eyes

     Our family recently finished reading The Story of Ruth Through a Child's Eyes as a read aloud and Bible study. We started reading the book right before Christmas, and it tied in beautifully as it shared the lineage of Jesus. This was just the right Bible study for our family. It combines an attention grabbing story of a modern family (with many similarities to our own family) with a retelling of the story of Ruth. The young daughter in the family discusses the story of Ruth with her parents as it is shared, which leads to a clear and deeper understanding of that Biblical account. 

     From The Freedom Girls website:
     "A wonderfully illustrated paperback book with 112 pages narrated by a young girl by the name of Ruth who is taken on an adventure of Biblical proportions.  The intended audience is 6-13 years of age, but is written to the older audience to provide an opportunity for your child to increase her vocabulary in these formative years.  The book is intended to start off being read by a caring adult and as the child grows, she begins re-reading the story for herself.  The book also contains interactive questions and blank pages for diary entries, so the child can chronicle her growth as she matures in the Christian faith.  The book is designed as an opportunity for a keepsake to the next generation."

     This book is indeed a keepsake. It is a book worth keeping on our shelves for re-reading and saving for future grandchildren. Read excerpts from the book at their website. The best feature, in my opinion, was that the fiction was kept to the fictional story, and the Bible story was shared without any fictional components added. One part was questioned by my daughter- when it was shared that Ruth was married to Mahlon for 10 years. My daughter stated that she thought that no one knew which of Naomi's sons had been married to Ruth. (Maybe I simply said "I don't know" when we read Ruth together before?) We searched through concordances and commentaries and found 100% of the content shared in this book to be true. 

     The book includes four chapters plus a prologue and epilogue. Our family read it over four different evenings. Each chapter of the book focuses on one chapter of Ruth. Extras include pictures, verses (some explained, other passages shared in their entirety , and definitions of terms that may be unfamiliar to the children listening (such as gleaned.) 

      This book shares Truth, with a parallel story of a child hearing the Bible story shared by her parents. I hope that the author continues to share additional Bible lessons in the same format.

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     Disclaimer: A personally autographed copy of this book was provided to me for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. No other compensation was provided.

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