The Homeschool Mother's Journal

In my life this week…

     This week has been a busy one, but it finally feels like we are returning to our "normal" schedule. We resumed music lessons which is always a fun part of our week; I enjoy the visit as much as the kids do. Grandmommie also started back to piano lessons, so we turned that entire day into an outing with her including lunch at a charming sandwich shop, a quick trip to the library, and shopping for Powpow. 
In our homeschool this week…
     Our Countries and Cultures studies progressed to Brazil. We watched Rio (for the 10th time?) and this time Joseph noticed the Brazilian flag and other cultural things included in the movie. We are planning to make another batch of rich chocolate Brazilian brigadeiros. 

     The girls are back into their science classes online and I'm helping them catch up with their lab reports. We have been keeping up with experiments but not the reports. 

     I've been reconsidering some of my curriculum choices, especially for math for my younger two kiddos and grammar for all three. 
My favorite thing this week was…
     ...our much delayed but finally completed visit with dear family friends. Though crazy schedules and sicknesses postponed our visit for about a month, when we finally got together it was just fun. Just imagine- another homeschool family with shared values, kids the same age as ours (plus a couple more), and similar interests. When we get together our husbands visit, the kids play, and we talk. She slso also gave me curriculum advice, Amish friendship bread starter, fresh yard eggs, and fresh cream. No doubt about it- that visit was my favorite part of the week. 
Questions/thoughts I have…
     My mind is spinning with "what if" as I'm planning for the next month. I'm jumping into unknown territory. Please pray for me and all involved in the next adventure.  
Things I'm working on...

     A Crew friend has been sharing basic housecleaning recommendations, and it is so helpful to have a plan to follow. We have planned some things before such as washing sheets on Thursday, and to have it spelled out makes it more likely to happen. A clean house will probably indefinitely remain on my "things I'm working on" list. 

     I've also been working on some handwriting related crafts for elementary aged kids and a presentation about handwriting for their parents. My girls have been helping me plan and organize and pack the crafts. 

I’m cooking...

     The girls and I are planning to make a cream cheese filled King Cake with crescent rolls on our much used pizza stone. Right now the house is filled with the smell of bacon that my sweet hubby made for our late Saturday breakfast. Yummy! One of my favorite foods, he knows what I like. :) 

I'm grateful for...

     ...my Christmas gift from my husband. An iPad has been on my wishlist since I first watched another OT working with a student using an amazing handwriting app. Two of my kiddos are siting by me now playing a game on the iPad. I'm enjoying suggestions from friends for free apps- so many that it will be a long time before we even try all of them. Since I lost my 2013 planner, another current project is organizing our schedule with the built in calendar. 

I'm praying for...

     ...a trip that is quickly approaching, my family, several friends with significant medical issues, and much more.
A Photo, link, or quote to share…

micro terrarium

     Since Heather first heard about a "tickle me" plant in Biology a year ago, she has wanted one. She got seeds for one with this micro-terrarium for Christmas. It fit perfectly with our rain-forest study, and her brother and sister watched as she planted it in the tiny self contained rain-forest environment. I do hope that it grows. 


  1. What a fun-filled week, Jennifer!

    I love that your children have a Grandmommie--that what I used to call my grandmother--so sweet!

    The visit with the other homeschool family sounded like a blast! What a blessing to find friendship with like-minded folks!

    Have a great weekend.

    1. Thanks, Stacie, how cool that you had a Grandmommie, too. She picked out what she would be called when I was expecting my first daughter. It was a blessing indeed, and we want to make more time for that. Thanks for visiting. I hope your weekend is lovely.

  2. Popping over from the comment club. Looks like a highly productive week. I love the HSMJ posts each week.

  3. The Countries and Cultures curriculum sounds neat. There are so many wonderful curriculums out there, it's too bad I can't do them all! Stopping by from CC.


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