Opportunity Knocks

     7:11am. I've been awake just a little less than an hour, not so early as I awaken on my work days, but still earlier than our holiday hours. Our crazy schedule has me contemplating my time. Yesterday was a full day, most time well spent. But did I truly "Make the most of every opportunity"? 

     Today, I woke a little earlier. My morning routine is changing back from late family Bible study time to early personal time in the WORD. Both are precious, but those hours between not spent in bed count.

     What opportunities are in store for me this year, just waiting? I want to take the right ones, make the right choices. The opportunity to spend less time on the computer has already been acknowledged. After this 5 minutes, which seems to be filled with more thought than typing, I'll be listening to recordings from Passion while my children slumber just a little longer. 
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  1. Happy New Year! I am experiencing the pull of less computer time as well. Finding a balance can be challenging. Praying that God will give us both some discretion and direction in this area. Thank you for sharing...

    1. Thanks, Jessica, very much for your prayers.

  2. This time of year seems to be hard to make the most of our opportunities, doesn't it? I'll be glad to get in the groove again.

    Thanks for the reminder of listening to Passion. You're the second person that has mentioned that.

    1. I enjoyed the bits that I got to hear. Yes, I'm still working toward that groove, too.


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