Morning Fail #HelloMornings

     Three days into the challenge. That is all it took for me to fail. But I didn't stop at morning. I've been a failure all day with a few bright spots between my mistakes. We all overslept. It stormed last night, and I hardly slept. The alarm did ring. I think I turned it off the first time instead of even trying the snooze button. I considered calling and cancelling music lessons, especially since Grandmommie had called the day before and shared that she was sick and wouldn't be joining us. But instead, I told the kids we had 5 minutes to get ready. Go ahead and laugh. The plans for the day were already set. We were up and running, but the integral component, the only thing that mattered, was missing. We made it, only 5 minutes late. We forgot my son's music note cards, one daughter's glasses, and the movie due today that my other daughter had special ordered from another library branch. Deep breath. I coasted along until we got home. Then I lost all niceness. No doubt about it, it started when my day didn't get started in The Word. Long before starting the #HelloMornings challenge I've been trying to get focused on what really matters from the moment I wake up by starting each day with prayer and Bible study. Not today. Not when I woke up, not even when I got home. Because then it was time to plan lunch and dinner and get schoolwork done and laundry and the endless list that is life.

     Long ago someone told me make time for what we prioritize. I've thought about that a lot since then, how my time shows what I prioritize. The kids know about prioritizing. They know our expectations that they make time to study their Bible first thing every morning. I love when Joseph shares his delight in what he is learning; currently his study is a book about the parables of Jesus. We were all off this morning. They follow my lead, but sometimes I forget that, too.

     My mom and I talked on the phone, she updated me on how she was feeling while I heard voices escalating in the kitchen. I kept talking on the cordless phone, motioned to the two and made them hug each other. They kept fussing. I hung up the phone and yelled at them. My focus was off. They did forgive me and they worked out their original squabble. Still before I finally stopped everything and made time for Bible study, I turned on the laptop. In one email I responded quickly to a blog friend without putting enough thought into my answer. I offended her with those quickly typed words. That isn't the first time. A short time later I scorched supper. That pot is still soaking.

      Late tonight, I opened up the study guide for this new #hellomornings study. Today's verses, so apt for me, are from Titus. The passage starts by sharing a reminder of God's grace, grace I needed today. Then a hint of how we should live. Rushed and worried and fussy are not written there. "Self-controlled...living a Godly life...while we wait on that blessed hope." God's salvation is shared in His Word, and it brings peace amidst this chaotic life. So this evening I ironed and meditated again on hope, and made plans to start tomorrow right. "For the Grace of God!" And I'm so thankful, as Katie Orr shared on the #HelloMornings blog "His mercies are new EVERY morning." 

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