Ripley's Believe It or Not!

     When she was little, the first time my oldest daughter saw the outside of Ripley's Believe It Or Not! building in Branson, she asked us about "the crack house." My husband and I literally cracked up and that name has stuck for years. This year, we got to explore their odditorium and the laughter continued. There was more than laughter, too. Mr. Ripley's collections are often unbelievable, and it was interesting to look at and read about the ones shared there. 

(image from Ripley's website)

Stamp art was intriguing. Each state on this picture was formed with stamps featuring that state.

     The room with this poster was filled with illusions and eye tricks. My daughter and I liked it because unlike the pictures hidden within other pictures, we were able to figure each of these out. 

     Would you be more impressed with a painting done entirely with nail polish or a huge wall mural of a butterfly made of just five colors of air-soft BBs? There was a portrait made of 5000 M&Ms. I wondered how it wasn't covered with bugs. Personally, I liked the gold album of Jim Owen's hit Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man. :) 

     Joseph got to try out "The car of the future." "This unusual vehicle is part dentist's chair, part mining auger, part snowmobile, and part helicopter! If it snows, you can glide over the top of it; if there is a rock slide you can drill through it; and if the traffic gets real bad, you can always take-off and fly over it."

You can see for yourself the world's largest ball of yarn.

I call her my "big girl." I wonder if this is ever how God sees us. 

Emily shared that the diving gear was heavy. Grandpa and Daddy tried it out, too. 

I wonder if shooting sports with 4H will be this much fun. The targets moved when you hit them! 

     After watching others make funny faces on the other side of a one way mirror, you get to try to find your way out of the disorienting tunnel. 

Disclaimer: We were given family tickets in exchange for sharing about our fun time at Ripley's in Branson. I've just shared a few of the highlights. There were video clips from their television series and much more shared than I've been able to hint at in this post.


  1. My husband took our big kids to the Ripley's in Gatlinburg TN a few years ago, and they all had a great time.

  2. This is so cool! I remember watching the Ripley's show when I was a teen.


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