Peppermint Bark

     Another old favorite from my archives:

     One of Heather’s favorite holiday candies to make is peppermint bark. First, melt the chocolate and smooth it on waxed paper. Let it harden, but not completely. If the layers blend together they are less likely to split apart during the last step.

     Unwrap peppermints or candy canes and crush in food processor.

     Stir crushed peppermints into melted white chocolate. Additional peppermint oil is optional. It makes it smell wonderful, but we forgot it in the second batch and it was still delicious.

     After it completely hardens, break peppermint bark into pieces. It makes plenty to share!


  1. Anonymous12/22/2012

    Mmmmm....I love that stuff!! When we make it, we put a layer of chocolate on the bottom, white chocolate on top, and then sprinkle crushed candy canes across the top (instead of mixing it in). It looks really pretty and tastes wonderful! Thanks for reminding me to make some this year. :)

    1. We bought everything for this and didn't find the time to make it this year, maybe for New Year's instead.

  2. Thanks for linking up at Treasuring Life's Blessings! We love peppermint bark!

  3. Gonna pin this.. Peppermint bark is one of my favorite guilty pleasures :)

  4. We love Peppermint Bark!! Yumm!!

  5. I think I like anything peppermint. Thanks for the recipe!

  6. My daughter loves peppermint bark. We have never tried making it before though.


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