Our Christmas Tree

    This year our tree came from Arkansas. We saw them on our way home from vacation. The kids helped choose the very best one, and Mitch added it to the stack of bikes in the back of his truck.

     We decided to get a smaller tree this year. Last year's tree was so big that it fell over which makes me giggle as I remember my Mammow securing their always big Christmas trees to the curtain rod with fishing line to prevent just such a catastrophe.

     My husband puts the lights on the tree every year, it's a tradition here. After he unwrapped our tree that had an Oregon tag (it traveled further than we thought) he found just the right spot and illuminated it. Then the kids and I add the ornaments. This year a bit of giggling accompanied the attempted kids/tree picture. This is a pretty good sample of the ones I ended up with.



  1. Don't you just love the smell of a Christmas tree? In our house growing up my Dad always did the lights too. And then we'd take turns each year putting the star on top. Got to love the traditions :-)

  2. Love the picture. We usually get about 1 good one out of 50. LOL! But those other 49 are usually my favorites.

  3. Isn't the giggles what it is all about?! Thanks for linking up! How exciting that your tree came so far to be your special Christmas tree. :)
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