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Heritage History Christmas  Newsletter 
Download your FREE History Classic: Thirty Famous Stories Retold
  Free eBook - Thirty Famous Stories Retold by James Baldwin
Just in time for Christmas, we have a new FREE Classical History e-Book available for you to enjoy! This month, we're giving away Thirty Famous Stories Retold, one of our favorites! Including stories such as "The Founding of Rome," "Columbus and the Egg," and "Galileo and the Lamp," this engaging collection of famous tales helps children of all ages learn about the most famous characters of history.

The other books in the series, Fifty Famous Stories and Fifty Famous People can be purchased separately. However, the whole series is included in our Young Readers Classical Curriculum, along with over eighty other short, grammar-school histories.   

Christmas Special!
If you have a history lover on your Christmas list, aHeritage Classical Library could be the unique gift you've been looking for. History buffs of all ages willLOVE this collection of traditional histories, biographies, military histories, folklore, literary classics, and much more.
So what's the special, you ask? Well, from now through Christmas, Heritage History is offering FREE SHIPPING on its entire collection of  Classical Curriculum and Classical Library CDs. With our everyday low prices, you can provide that special someone with a whole library of history classics, for the price of a single book.

Have You Seen Our Blog?     

This Fall, we at Heritage History created a new blogfilled with book reviews, information about interesting authors and series, and insights into our personal philosophy about what makes a great history curriculum. Featured books are sorted by topic, and readers are free to comment on their favorite works.   The Heritage History blog provides a forum to ask questions or share what you think about classical histories.  We're happy to answer questions and respond to user requests, so be sure and stop by.

More Reviews from Our Fans! 
If you want to know how real families use the Heritage Curriculum, listen to these homeschool moms
Betty of Peace Creek on the Prairie says:

They are a homeschool mom's delight as one CD will offer a year of reading for the entire family . . . I plan to print a few of the illustrations for picture study . . . !
Barb of Harmony Fine Arts at Home says:

This is our first year of using any of Heritage History's products and I can say without hesitation that they live up to my high expectations....Heritage History is a curriculum spine or supplement that will truly offer something for everyone.
Thanks, ladies! Check out their blogs for giveaways and a bonusEarly America CD with any purchase!  Dozens of other Rave Reviewsare available on ourUser Review and Testimonial page.   
Want More Heritage History?
Then stay tuned, because we're gearing up to add at least eight new books to our online library this month, including three Children's Bible collections, a few histories of Egypt. Check out theHeritage Blog, and our Facebook page, for more information. Until then, feel free to take advantage of our great Christmas special. The Holidays are a wonderful time to read history.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, from our family to yours!

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Offer valid through January 31st:
Use the discount code HERITAGE  to get Early America library for free ($19.99) with the purchase of any curriculum (5 choices: Young Readers, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, British Middle Ages, and British Empire; each $24.99).  

Directions:  Put both items in the cart and apply the discount code which will deduct the $19.99 cost of the library.

     Disclaimer: As an affiliate for Heritage History, affiliate codes are included. HERITAGE is my affiliate code as well as your discount code!

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