Very Informal Civics Lesson

     Today is the day- get out and vote! We have been discussing the election at home for weeks, the kids even listened to the debates with us after gentle encouragement from their speech teacher. In our discussions, the electoral college came up and my friend Catherine shared a few links to help the kids (and us- it didn't make sense to me years ago in my civics class either) understand.

     First, if you want to keep up with it state by state, here is a color your own electoral college map.

     Who doesn't like Schoolhouse Rock? We found the DVD in the drawer and have been watching all of the videos after first watching this recommended one: Electoral College.

     This lesson from Disney was a little more clear, though the candidates names aren't updated.

     One more election related freebie, thanks to Amanda Bennett- Free Presidential Inaugural Speeches E-Book (scroll down the page.)


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