The Higher Calling

Every week, The High Calling editors send out a newsletter pointing more than 20,000 subscribers to the most encouraging faith and work content on their site and on the web.

Each newsletter is shared in a one page format with links to videos and articles from the website http://www.thehighcalling.org. The articles I read were encouraging and shared ideas of how to be an encouragement to others. See a sample here. Each newsletter has a different focus such as the micro-manager or the leader. One article shared about Playdo being invented for a completely different purpose, but 10 years later it was useful for teaching kids!

They are also on Facebook and share images like the one pictured above that contains a nugget of encouragement. 

Disclaimer: This post is compensated by Handlebar Publishing.


  1. I enjoy reading The High Calling too! I also submit some of my photography too...they're always on the look out for good images to use :-)

  2. You do have some beautiful pictures; that is great that you can share them through such an encouraging outlet.


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