Samson's Classroom

      Samson's Classroom developed by Knowledge Wand, LLC is an educational online reading series designed to help K-5th grade students become better readers. Samson's Classroom uses games to focus on the building blocks: sight words, spelling, and reading comprehension. 

Components include:
"This engaging product is proven to help early readers master the 224 most commonly used words in the English language."
"With more than 5,000 words and counting, Spelling with Samson is the most comprehensive spelling product on the market."

     Parents can create their own spelling list or use those pre-programmed into Samson's Classroom. 

"Reading with Samson combines everything you have come to expect from the Samson product line with a new patented user feedback system." 

     The main focus of this portion of the program is reading comprehension. As students correctly answer questions, they earn more time for "arcade" games. 

     There are also worksheets, lesson plans, and other resources available to the parent/teacher. Parents can view their child's progress as well. The pricing options vary from home use ($30 per year), family use (4 users $50 per year), or classroom use (30 users $80 per year) to even more. Click to try a demo of the program or watch the video demo.  

     No product was received for this informational post. See what other TOS Schoolhouse Review crew members shared in their reviews here.

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