Growing up Wild

     Growing up Wild is a perfect fit with our MFW studies I'm doing this year with my 8 and 13 year olds- exploring countries and cultures- which also features praying for missionaries in each place.

     We received two volumes of their five volume set, each with 3 15 minute episodes about their nontraditional life as missionary kids. These videos, narrated by the Wild mom, share glimpses of the Wano lifestyle and people that they love. Just like at our house, cats eat unwelcome rodents. Unlike our house, they are far from home in the interior of Indonesia.

Volume 1:

Home Sweet Hut
Supply Trip
Sun & Water

     Just reading the episode titles give you a feeling that this is much different from our everyday life, for instance: Home Sweet Hut. My kids have enjoyed watching The Wilderness Family, a favorite of my husband. These Growing up Wild DVDs share a completely different view of living in God's wild kingdom. If you have ever wondered what it would be like to leave your modern American lifestyle and immerse yourself in another culture as a missionary, this video will inspire your imagination. The Wild family has shared about house building in Papua. Joseph wanted to be sure I noticed, too, that "they have a Lego fun room!" In Volume One-the Sun and Water episode they showed just how they were able to have basic appliances and running water in the middle of the jungle. They keep up with exactly how much food they consume to help plan for their supply trips. The flight with the mission pilot was explained as well as how each thing they purchase has to be planned and weighed. 

and Volume 4:

Amazing World Around Us
Adventures In Culture
Tribal Calling

     We are all interested in learning more about the Wild family's missionary life with the volumes that we did not receive for this review. Episodes are available individually for $18.99.

     Mrs. Wild shared "We can make choices every day to make our lives count for Christ." These videos show us how they live their choices while submersed in the Wano environment. Just like their round house, their life has some similarities to a typical American home and many similarities to the culture around them.

     Each 15 minute episode is followed by an activity suggestions to further explore cultures. In addition to the DVD episodes, each volume includes an additional activity guide disc. Some handouts can be printed which accompany activities suggested after each episode.

"Create a Venn diagram comparing and contrasting your house and the Wild brother's house." 

     Pigs in houses, a communal lifestyle, there is much about the Wano lifestyle that is far different than our typical American home.

     Disclaimer: We received the two DVDs mentioned above at no cost to me for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. See what other crew members shared in their reviews here about many of the other books offered by Grace & Truth books. .

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  1. Anonymous11/19/2012

    These look wonderful, and what a terrific jump start into learning geography and world cultures!!


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