Gift-giving {Getting Ready for the Holidays Blog Hop}

     Two years ago I first read of what was to us a new idea: three gifts at Christmas just as the baby Jesus was presented with three gifts: gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Last year we sort of followed that pattern as we tried to change the focus at home to the true meaning of Christmas. The focus of the third day of this blog hop is gift giving. How do you make your gifts ones that ultimately matter? Next week is collection week for Operation Christmas Child. As we changed travel dates, it will be the first year in many that we will not be spending time volunteering at our local OCC drop-off center. We will still be praying for those who receive the boxes that share God's love. Do you and your children help in a soup kitchen or share in another way? Share about a meaningful gift that you have received.


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  1. I have a few friends that also use the three gift rule and it works well for them.


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