Arts & Crafts {Getting Ready for theHolidays Blog Hop}

A few years ago I picked up some fabric for a Christmas quilt. This fall I started it. Just maybe it will be completed before Christmas 2013.

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Preparing for the Holidays


  1. I've always wanted to make a quilt! One of these days. . ,

  2. I see some yummy Moda Christmas fabric in there! I know, because I have some of the very same! It sits entirely unfinished as well. Yay for a reminder! I might go find it and possibly work on it a bit. I'd love to see more pictures of yours as it progresses!

  3. You have the same fabric! We found two different Christmas print sets (two years ago?) then paired it with pretty red/white and green/white prints I found on sale last month. It is fun watching the design come together, though I only got three rows completed before we left. I hope to get to it again when we get back home.


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