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     Originally I received these Super Star Games by Debbie Lott as a TOS review a few years ago. I'll copy part of my original review then share an update.

     This was a fun review! The kids and I learned while playing games. Debbie Lott, M.ED., a homeschool mom, Speech Therapist, and creator of Super Star Speech came up with some fun ideas for learning.

     For this TOS homeschool crew review my family was given downloads of the Super Star Games Bundle and the Science bundle. Our favorite was the Insect Game, which is designed for 2nd to 6th graders to “to learn all about insects or to reinforce another study of insects.” The girls fit in that age range, but even my kindergartener had fun playing this with us, with just a little help. Each player builds their insect by answering questions to earn pieces (legs, head, antennae…) and the first to complete their ant wins the game. When we finished, all of the pieces fit into an envelope for storage and we glued one of the ant pictures to the front of it.

    See all of the games as well as Debbie Lott’s Super Star Speech here at the Super Star speech website. They are each available at Curr-Click  as instant downloads for $3.50 each, or as I received them, in a bundle. The Super Star Games bundle of 7 games for $14.50 includes Colony Quest game, Covering the continents, Explorers of the World, Silly Snail, Road to Revolution, the Inventors Game, and Exploring Egypt game.  The Science bundle for $9.00 includes the Insect Game; Planets, Moon, and Stars; Climb the Vine, and All About Animals game.

     These games were easy to use as a download. Some are in pretty colors, but they looked good when I printed them in black and white, and my kids got the bonus of getting to color them.

     Disclaimer: This product was provided to our family for free as members of the 2009-2010 Old Schoolhouse Magazine Homeschool CrewI am not being paid for this. I am sharing my honest opinion of how these products work for my family.

     My update- Last August my daughter and I had the opportunity to meet Debbie Lott at a conference. When I mentioned to my son that I was meeting the lady who made Silly Snails he responded as if I had said I was meeting a celebrity. We have continued to use various games at different times. The snails one gets repeated occasionally for grammar. The Inventors Game was recently pulled off the shelf to help my daughter review the pages of scientists she learned in the first module of Apologia General Science (some but not all overlapped.) I mentioned these to another review crew mom then followed the link to CurrClick and was surprised to see that even over 2 years later I still had access to the download. That was great news for two reasons- I originally downloaded them to a computer that no longer works and I printed them in black and white. Go look through her options, there are even some new ones. These are all reasonably priced. 
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