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     Recently we received Heritage History's British Empire Classical Curriculum. Fifty-seven books are included in this collection and range through the 19th century. The book titles are all listed on the website and even available for individual purchase for $1.99 each. On the CD they are categorized into British history, regional history, military history, biography, legends, adapted literature, and historical fiction.

     My oldest daughter is studying Ancient World History and Literature with My Father's World (MFW) this year. Many of the e-books in this collection complement and enhance her studies.

    My younger two are working through MFW's Exploring Countries and Cultures. The regional history selections will be perfect as we progress through different countries. Stories in this selection cover Ireland, India, Japan, Canada, China, India, and South Africa. We are just beginning to study Canada, and the Peeps at History: Canada by Beatrice Home published in 1924 covers Canadian history in story form. We have studied American history at length, but much of what is shared here has been new to me as well as my children. Full color and black and white pictures are included as in the original books.

     As a young girl, I enjoyed reading Dicken's, especially about Pip from Great Expectations. The story Ten Boys from Dickens by Kate Sweetser is a good introduction for a child who hasn't read Dicken's works yet and may encourage them to read longer works after being introduced to the characters this way.

     For a convenient reference, I printed the British Empire Study Guide in black and white to use as a reference for British History as well as to help the kids and I decide which of the books to read next. My daughters can work through the study guide and complete the included tracking form as they read the books on our Nook or on the computer. If you choose, you can even print each book.

"Heritage History has already done the work of sifting through thousands of classical juvenile history books to bring the best-written, most interesting texts to traditional homeschooling families."

Classical LibraryContents
Early America  Early American Exploration to the Great War
Christian Europe  Fall of the Roman Empire to the Enlightenment
Modern Europe  French Revolution and Rise of Prussia to the World Wars
Spanish Empire  Spain, Latin America, and Exploration

     The Classical Curriculum collections also include Study Guides, maps, timelines, character lists, battle dictionaries, and other resources. Summaries are organized by historical era. All of their collections can be used to supplement other curricula or for independent study. We use them to supplement our My Father's World history studies. 

Classical CurriculumContents
Young Readers  Grammar School Intro to Western Civilization
Ancient Greece  Rise of Persia to the Roman Conquest of Greece
Ancient Rome  Founding of Rome to the Fall of the Western Empire
British Middle Ages  Roman Britain to the Reformation
British Empire  British Empire and World Colonial History

Heritage History Homeschool Curriculum

     Our family is a reading family. Is yours? It took me a while, but I now see the conveniences of e-books and have made changes to the way I use books. Is your family using an e-reader yet? One friend who's daughters are in public school shared that the high school is now providing each of the students with a Nook. E-readers are becoming more and more popular. Once you see the amount of books on each CD  you can understand the practicality of that choice (even if you miss the distinctive scent of old books.) Instead of lugging along huge bags of books on trips, one Nook holds so much more than a whole bookshelf. Heritage History offers several Compact Libraries and Classical Curriculums that have added a whole new dimension to our Nook usage.  If you enjoy reading historical classics, you will want to add these to your collection.

Heritage History recommends that each student identify about three core books and three supplemental books at the beginning of the year. But there are so many more than that on each disk. These are like having a library at your fingertips. Heritage History advocates narration which is the children retelling stories in their own words. We have begun to incorporate this tool and it does make a difference in comprehension. 

"We believe there is no substitution for being well read in history."


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Directions:  Put both items in the cart and apply the discount code which will deduct the $19.99 cost of the library.

     Disclaimer: Heritage History has provided me with a copy of the British Empire Study Guide for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. As a new affiliate for Heritage History, affiliate codes are included. HERITAGE is my affiliate code as well as your discount code!


  1. I wasn't really interested in history when I was in school, but NOW I love it. I'm glad those seeds were planted early.

    1. Somehow it is so much more interesting now than it was when I was younger. Because I, like you, wasn't interested when in school, I'm trying to keep it more interesting for my kids. When we visit places like the WWII museum or when they read the Bible and then can relate what they read in these stories to what they see it makes it more real. I am enjoying learning with them.

  2. Wow, how blessed are your children to have such quality resources for homeschooling. The e-books are such a splendid resource.Glad to have you reviewing these historical books and giving us your input.

    1. Blessed indeed. We now have three of these CDs and you know how much I love old books. :)


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