31 Days of Simple Things ~ Day 13

     Hand-me-downs is my simple topic today. Do you accept them? Do you share them? When my girls were little, I remember my Mother-in-law's shock that we were able to pass clothes around as much as we did. "My boys always wore them out before they could pass them on." She had four boys, which just amazes me. The oldest of those boys had two girls when my girls were little, and passed their clothes to us. Then my husband's younger brother and his wife had twins- one boy, one girl. Later they had another girl. We still pass down girl clothes to them. Then I had my son. Boy, oh boy, I finally understood my Mother-in-law. Boys are hard on clothes! He wears the knees out of his jeans faster than he outgrows them, and lately that is pretty fast. We don't share his hand-me-downs often. As the kids grow, it is interesting how we share differently. Today I brought clothes to my sister and our big sister brought shoes to my oldest daughter (heels so high my ankles hurt just watching her walk in them.) It is almost time to sort through our winter clothes again, see what fits who, and pass on what no longer fits.
     This is part of my 31 Days of Simple Things. Other bloggers sharing 31 days of are linked here

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