rice from cotton fields

     We eat a lot of rice, mostly brown. It's fairly easy to make; I prepare it in the steamer.

     I planned to share with you about the new purple rice from Louisiana that we tried at my Mom's house last night (with her fabulous gumbo.) It tasted better than it looks. But today a friend shared this link and the blog post changed its course.

     That is so tragically sad. Things like this scare me. I thought I was doing better feeding my family brown rice as it was a little healthier. This says, though, that brown rice contains even more arsenic than white. I found this scientific paper that explains it a bit further.


     The Louisiana farmland changed after hurricane Katrina and failing dams. Wildlife was forced to move from flooded areas. We saw evidence of that with different birds and even a puma in our yard. We hear of more and more sightings of black bears. After the recent hurricane Isaac we have seen similar problems (though no pumas yet, thankfully!) I didn't realize just what an effect that it had on our food.

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