Radio Controlled Air Show

     When we were first married, I had not even heard of RC airplanes. Now my son can look at one and distinguish between B25s, P47s, Thunderbolts, and Stukas. (He surprises me sometime identifying real aircraft, too.) RC airplanes are my husband's hobby. When he has time, he builds them, flies them, and watches friends fly theirs. This weekend we all five went to a "Fly- in."

So many tools needed- they even had bombs drop from some of the replica planes!

     Em finished reading a whole stack of books this weekend, but she looked up from them to watch the show, too.
     We stepped out of our camper the second night to see planes that appeared to be illuminated with rainbow glow sticks. They were able to get this one out of the tree almost intact.

     Heather stayed outside almost the entire time. She said next to watching airplanes the best thing was the breeze.
     Joseph used his magnifying glass to investigate this crawfish that he spotted under his big sister's chair, much to her dismay.
     Notice the pilot in the middle plane. The girls and I can't convince Mitch that a Barbie doll would fit perfectly in one of his as a pilot.

     Although Joseph claimed that his favorite thing about the weekend was watching the B17s, I enjoyed watching him with the RC tank.

     Now the kids want RC planes, too. I could just see dollar signs and images of his friend's plane crashed to splinters. Or I could choose to continue to enjoy the time that the whole family spends together doing something that my husband enjoys so much. He has been looking through a catalog at trainer planes for the kids now. Maybe the girls will have their own Barbie plane! ;)
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