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     Our family loves to listen to music. We keep a CD playing almost all the time when the kids aren't practicing their instruments. I was interested in the Family Favorites from Music Together the first time I read about it and have been so thankful for this review opportunity. Most of the music is upbeat and makes you want to get up and move. Some of the songs are traditional oldies that I remember from my own childhood and others are completely new arrangements. All are fun to hear and play while making music together with kids. At first we just played the CD and listened to it.

     My personal three favorites:
* Playin' in the Kitchen- Joseph's drum set was temporarily forgotten as he enjoyed experimenting with different ways to make music with spoons and more, in the kitchen! He showed me how to position the handles off the edge of the counter top for just the right sound.

* Mississippi Cats- This is an original song written by the creators of this program. They wrote that they liked the beat that flows with spelling the word Mississippi. Every single child in the state of Mississippi should get a chance to sing this song- it is that fun. But even if you never get to breathe the sweet air in that fine state, you'll still enjoy the song.

* John the Rabbit- I'm a southern girl all the way through, and I was raised to say yes ma'am and yes sir. This song is peppered with that phrase and doesn't fail at eliciting smiles every time I hear it.

     But there are more- I don't think there are any songs on this entire CD that I don't like. (We have listened to it over and over!) There is one I can't understand, but a translation is provided in the teacher's songbook. Palo, Palo was the first song to be included "in our second national language." Click here to listen to a sampling of their songs.

     As I read through the Songbook for Teachers, my opinion of this product grew even better. As an Occupational Therapist, I love the many ideas for adapting the play recommendations for children with special needs. In the song She Sells Sea Shells, for example, they suggest manipulating actual shells to promote grasp patterns and using deep pressure each time you sing "clam." For a therapy student or even a new parent, the tips included are a valuable resource. The pages are filled with colorful pictures depicting the activities and showcasing interactions with children.

     The Songbook included the actual music for each of the songs, so my daughter played along with some of them on the piano. Guitar tips were included, too, and each instrument used in each song is listed.

     We received the CD and Songbook combo which sales for $39.95. (Enter the code "Schoolhouse" at check out for an additional $2 off that combo.) They offer other packages, many other CDs, and even instruments for children. Though ages are suggested, these songs and activities can be adapted for a wide range of ages and abilities.

      Disclaimer as required by the FCC: We received a copy of this program at no cost to me for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. See what other crew members shared in their reviews here.

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