Polymer Beads (or How to wow your kids)

Have you seen these yet?

reflecting the flowers on the tablecloth

For one dollar at the store where everything costs a dollar, you can get a small container filled with water beads. 
Or you can purchase them from Amazon. They resemble marbles but absorb water. 

We covered the bottom of a plastic bin with clear water beads and added just a little bit more water. 
The kids had so much fun!

the wow factor- glow sticks!

glow in the dark beads

contain in a plastic bin

fine motor fun ;)

assembling the glow stick ball was another fine motor challenge

a silly band seahorse and other tiny toys provided additional sensory input

Have you felt them?  Em just had to break one to see what would happen. She said that it felt like jello

     They even come already colored! We may add food coloring to ours this weekend.
the actual purpose of the beads ;)


  1. That is pretty cool! I pinned it to remind myself to look for those beads next time I have a chance.

  2. I am so getting these beads! They look amazing!!! At the dollar store you say... I'll have to have a look!

  3. Our version is called Dollar Tree. Everything there cost $1 or less. Look by the fake flowers and vases.

  4. That is WAY cool!!!! I am totally going to check into that! Thanks so much for linking up, too!!!


  5. The beads really look very beautiful. It is something that you could have lots of fun with.

  6. Bet the kids had a fun filled time with those beautiful colored water beads.


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