our school room

     At least one day a week our homeschool is not at home. We load up the van and go to music lessons and wherever else our plans take us. Sometimes our lessons away from home are on a larger scale. Our study of our country last year included a few trips through a total of 14 states including field trips to the buffalo roundup in South Dakota and Castillo San Marcos in Florida. This summer we got to wrap up our study of America by travelling through a few more states and then with a trip to our nation's capitol.

     When we are at home, our lessons may be together in the living room, outside on the porch, or standing in the kitchen. We recently rearranged the living room and the kids just finished filling these shelves (one per kiddo!) with their sheet music, note cards, tuners, and other personal music supplies. Their piano is in one corner of the living room and a music beside it for when they play violin or viola. We rotated the sofa and can all enjoy watching and listening to them play now.
     Science experiments are most often completed in the kitchen. Even Heather's high school experiments are  observed by the other two. Often they will do a related lesson and similar experiments. Their Grandmommie demonstrated all the parts of a heart with an intricate dissection last year during hunting season. Joseph is learning archery in our yard as well as with Pappy at their house.

     When I am more organized (which has not been lately) we may do more lessons around the kitchen table again. For now, with the changes to the living room I prefer all of us gathering in there. I just received a table with a checker/chess board painted on it for my birthday. With it in the living room we have been playing games almost daily.

     Another aspect to our "class room" is online learning. The girls both enjoy classes that they do in online classrooms. They both have laptops and don't have a specific spot that they use them. Heather has participated in her online science classes while on vacation the past two years by just signing in wherever we were. I hope you were't disappointed to not see actual pictures of our schoolroom. If you want to actually see though, our day of pictures taken the first day of August may give you a better glimpse.



  1. I like how you think! Sounds like your kids are getting a great education and love of learning from you.

  2. Our homes seem very similar in how our day is structured ...or unstructured! My daughter's play piano constantly and we had to move the piano into a back room with a door to give them a private music studio. It has a comfy chair so I can sit back there as well and listen to music fill my home.


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