Curriculum ~ Our plans for 3rd, 7th, and 9th grades

     Obviously, we have tried a lot of different homeschool curricula. Take a look through my reviews by clicking on the subjects listed in the sidebar to see the variety. Last year, we used primarily review items for our lessons. This year we have plans to use two programs from My Father's World as our "spine."

     My 9th grade daughter will be using their Ancient History and Literature. This will cover her history, literature, and Bible credits.

     As it has a new timeline book integrated into her lessons, she has decided to start it for herself instead of continuing to add to the one the whole family has been using (which Emily and Joseph will continue to use.)

     She will read through the Old Testament and her dad has agreed to guide the discussion questions provided to go with that study.

     Some of the books included in this set are books that I've never read, so I'm planning to read those with her.

     I was delighted to find that several Masterbooks are in this set including  Unwrapping the Pharaohs and the new Answers Book.

     My younger two will both use the Exploring Countries and Cultures. 

     This was originally our plan for last year, but we changed our focus and instead completed a year of American History and geography which was providentially wrapped up with a trip to our nation's capitol.

 Journey through the Bible was a recommended supplement that I am enjoying. Pictures fill the pages to aid understanding of Biblical history.

     My youngest daughter also has My Father's World's 7th grade supplement. She is already reading one of the missionary stories.

     For science, both girls are using texts from Apologia and will participate in online classes.

     Math is still undecided for Joseph. Heather is continuing Life of Fred combined with No-Nonsence Algebra which we reviewed this summer.

     Emily will be beginning the Life of Fred Fractions book.

     Our studies for the Bible Bee are continuing through the end of August, then we plan to resume Who is My Neighbor?

     The kids had a break in music lessons for the summer, but we are planning to resume those soon.

      That is our main plan. Reviews will fill in gaps and guide us in making changes, too.

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  2. It sounds like a good year! We have Life of Fred on the agenda for several of my children too. You can peek at our plans for the 7 kids here: http://ourbusyhomeschool.blogspot.com/2012/08/curriculum-for-seven-kids-2012-2013.html

  3. Sounds good;)
    Lizzie TOS crew

  4. We have contemplated Life of Fred, so love hearing about it!
    Popped by from the “Not-Back-to-School” Blog Hop: Curriculum Week!
    Hope that you have a happy homeschool year! Happy planning for 2012-2013!
    Hope that you will pop by to say hello over at my blog and my Pinterest boards too!
    Colleen a.k.a. Pinterest Mama
    Sunrise Learning Lab

  5. Looks like some great choices!! Good luck with it all & hope they work well.

  6. Hey !
    You are going to LOVE your year traveling through ECC. We had fun last year!

    1. Thanks, Monica, I originally planned to use ECC last year, but had to change plans. We are all three enjoying it so far.


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