Random Monday Morning Musings

     We are only going to be home for 2 days this week. I'm washing camping supplies and we are re-outfitting the newly repaired camper with everything we need in our short term home away from home. The kids are still sleeping, though likely not for long as I now have music playing.

     While looking for just the right CD to play, I found the DVD that my husband brought home for the family to watch, which means the red box case he took to work with him today is either empty or has the wrong thing inside it. Whew- one little phone call to find out he didn't have time for that errand yet. It is in his truck so it is still a mystery what actually ended up in that case.

     Since we are going camping, I'm cleaning out suitcases. I just found this in the one I'm unpacking from GA camp. Now I'm wondering if we borrowed it from Granny and Powpow for a science experiment, as I can't come up with another reason why it would be here. No one in our house or our cabin at GA camp had dentures, and the suitcase is one I borrowed from my 8 year old son.
     Did you notice  the green duct tape around the suitcase handle? Couldn't miss it, right? That was his method of quickly identifying his suitcase from the big pile off the bus when we went on the mission trip. We got the idea from the handle of the suitcase that I had previously borrowed from my Aunt. She tied a bright yellow grosgrain ribbon around hers.

     One thing I need to tackle today:
     Are you wondering about the recurrence of me borrowing suitcases? This happened to me on the way with my oldest daughter to 4H camp. :( I received this bag as a high school graduation gift. If it can be repaired, I'll continue to use it. I like it that much.
     On our back porch, in my bike basket:
     The kids all woke up. Joseph asked if the music playing was The Piano Guys. We discovered them last week and have been enjoying watching and listening to (and laughing at) them online. This CD did resemble their music, but it isn't them. It is John Tesh's Deeper Faith CD.

     I stepped away from the computer and began my organizing when the electricity went out (a common occurrence here.) I use mason jars a lot. Lately they have seemed to be spilling out of the pantry as the kids have been setting the clean empty ones from the dishwasher on the bottom two shelves. While the lights were out my daughter handed 17 empty quart jars to me, and now they are out of the way tucked into the back of the top shelf. It is almost time to help Granny can pears again so we may fill them soon. The picture isn't the most clear, but you can see that I'm making progress on this table, too.
     The rest of the accumulated clutter can wait a little longer. I'll be jumping into the pool with the kids  as soon as I finish my bowl of cream of wheat.

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  1. I love the basket on your bike, and hearing about your day.

    Have a fun time camping!


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