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     My oldest daughter used to french braid her own hair while riding the bus to school in first grade. She is talented at styling hair and is more likely the one to help her little sister than I am. When she sees a pretty style, she tries to replicate it. Recently we found a beautiful picture on Pinterest, but it just lead to a blog that no longer existed. She requested I show her the picture, and she tried to do just what she saw for her sister. I think she surpassed it!
     Near the center of her forehead, she started with an inside out French braid. Instead of going straight back, she worked around her head similar to a braided crown except she picked up all of the hair by the time she completed the circle the first time.
     She braided the rest in a single braid, then circled it from the outside in forming into almost a flower. The center was secured with one of their decorative Lilla Rose bobby pins.
   Em slept in it the first night and the loose hair that came out of the braid made loose ringlets that framed her face. When she did take it down, her hair was filled with pretty curls from the braid.

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  1. Oh, that looks beautiful!

  2. This totally makes me wish someone in this house had long hair! Beautiful! The hair beads are lovely!

  3. Em's hair is beautiful and so naturally golden brown.The braids just set off her loveliness. Lila Rose does have many beautiful hair pin and clips. It is nice for Em to have a big sister who can braid such creative designs.

  4. Beautiful! I am impressed!

  5. I would love to do that round the head in circles braid. THat is so cool! Your daughters do a great job.

    Amy B

  6. Thanks! I've practiced on the crown braid a lot since a friend first showed me, but it is easier and prettier to let her do it. :)

  7. OH MY!! That is absolutely gorgeous. Really, it's a talent to have, for your daughter to just look at a picture and voila, done deal.

    I'm excited to receive my little surprise in the mail....surely don't expect beauty in this form, though...mine would look like this little bitsy rope twirling around on my head ;)


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