the last of the blueberries

On our way to pick blueberries, we stopped to admire the latest flowers blooming on the arbor. 

My son ran ahead of me with the dogs and his bucket for berries, 
then stopped to ask if we could go see Pappy's pears. 

We found wildflowers but didn't pick any.
Our view from the hammock
The pond is low because of so little rain. 

     There were just a few blueberries. We ate all that we picked. Did I hear him right? "It's a good thing we didn't wake the girls up. That would have been a waste." Oh no, my son. Though we have no berries in our bucket, we still had such a full morning. This is the kind of morning that makes up my happy memories.

     I'll race you home... Lets play a game.

     This week's blog cruise topic is all about summer gardens. See how others on the TOS Schoolhouse Review Crew grow summertime fruits, veggies, and flowers at the crew website. Please share in the comments about your own summer harvest. 


  1. Great day! Stunning photos!!!

  2. What a fantastic morning! It's great to have those one-on-one times with your kids. :)

  3. Thanks, Stefanie, it is amazing how much a photography class helped me.

    Erika, We are still catching up from last week and the girls are sleeping in a little later than usual. Mornings with him are often a joy filled time.

  4. Beautiful photos! Your season is so far ahead of ours. Our apple trees just finished blooming.

  5. Thank you!

    I had a lesson in the differences in seasons within our nation when I ordered plants online a few years ago. They weren't sent when I expected them because of threat of freezing, but in our climate it was already summer-like temps.

  6. We would have eaten all the blueberries as well!

  7. Love, love the pictures and what a great morning. My boys would have enjoyed that very much.

  8. Our blueberries are done too. We've already picked blackberries, though most are shriveling up in the heat. At this rate our persimmons will be ready in August.


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