days go by

     The kids are growing so fast. We just celebrated one birthday and will have more candles to blow out this month. I want to make every moment count. Our summer calender is already filled with camps and mission trips, but we will also have some long days at home. In summers past we have had the kids make lists of things that they want to accomplish. This summer, I have a list, too.

     Some things on my list:
* make homemade popsicles with my son, often
* surprise the kids with hidden treasures or a game of hide and go seek
* wake up early and enjoy the whole day
* eat more blueberries right off of the bush with my two blueberry loving kids
* sew with my big girl
* work on updating our digital scrapbooks (I am way behind, but hope to get a lot done with the notes I added to our vacation pictures.)
* prepare some new healthy alternatives to sugary snacks
* play in the sprinkler with the kids
* re-do the fenced in garden with something that can thrive in this 100+ heat
* organize my books throughout the house before we dive completely back into school again (That is a biggie.)

     The days of my oldest daughter's preschool days are far behind us. Now instead of finding bits of landscape mulch from the playground (you know the Rubber Mulch made from ground tires) in her pockets, I'm getting more frequent requests from her to practice driving. My other two are surprising me, too, with how fast they are growing.

     I'm reminded of Kenny Chesney's song Don't Blink, "you just might miss your babies growing." My kids are all at my parents right now. I'm going to go take care of the dishes now so when they return we can have a little more fun together before bedtime. What are you planning special this summer?

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  1. This post pulls at my heart. I know exactly what you mean of wanting to make each and every moment count with the kids. Oh, how they grow so quickly!! Hope you all have a wonderful summer!

  2. You're such a good mama! Sounds like a lot of fun going on around there!

  3. Mine are growing so fast too. When did they go from cuddling babies to boys playing tennis? And I am behind on my scrapbooking as well:) We are spending a lot of time swimming, doing fun science projects, and exploring new things together. Blessings!


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