Daddies and Daughters

     My second daughter came home from the hospital on Father's day which started our tradition of celebrating Emily and Mitch together on this special day every year. We spent yesterday evening with friends, then late last night Emily got to lick the beaters when I made her cake. Three layers with cream cheese frosting was her request, and that is just what she got.

the birthday girl:

and one more too cute not to share, her cat Dumpling helping with her hair:

     Our pastor shared about fathers this morning. I don't remember the statistics, but one was about kids with dads at home thriving more. My Mom was a single mom for just a short span of my childhood, but I am so thankful for all she did then to give me the best care she could. I'm thankful for all she still does to help me, because she loves me. This morning after completing Em's cake, still hours before church, my mom came over and helped me salvage the roast I prepared yesterday that my hubby called roast jerky. It is obvious to me (and my sweet hubby who picks on my cooking skills still) that I need more cooking lessons from Mamma. Because of my Mom, I grew up with two dads. I called them both Daddy.

me and my Daddy 

and- me and my Daddy right before he walked me down the aisle:

      The man my children call Daddy, my husband, is one of the biggest blessings in my life. Fixer of broken doorknobs, best ever grilled cheese sandwich and omelet chef, protector from wild hogs, English country dancer, keeper of my heart, happy Father's day, my love.



  1. Lovely pictures of your daughter! Looks like a very happy birthday celebration. Huh, my husband is the undisputed master of the grilled cheese sandwich too. ;-)

  2. That is one treat I never have to make for myself, as he has taught two of the kids his secret. I just enjoy them. :) I'm glad you get that, too!

    It was a very happy celebration, thanks.

  3. Happy birthday to your daughter! Great pics!


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