Snap Bags ~ A Fun Tool for Hand Strength and More ~ Review and Giveaway

     One of my favorite simple tools to use with handwriting training is The Pencil Grip found at  http://www.thepencilgrip.com/ and occasionally in teacher's supply stores. I was delighted to find even more than handwriting tools when I recently visited their website.

     Snap Bags are soft corduroy fabric bean bags designed for easier throwing and catching than a ball as well as snapping, weighted input which can be calming, and so many more uses. A set of six comes with a mesh drawstring bag which can be used as a target for a quick toss game as my son and Grandpa enjoyed today. Each individual bag is about six inches long and can be joined together in a yard long chain. The sturdy snaps are designed to hold up to repeated use which is great for fine motor training working on strength or dressing skills.

     Each bag is appliqued with a number, so sequencing can also be incorporated into play with Snap Bags. Two of each color (orange, yellow, and green) are included so they may also be used for a matching game.

     From the website:
Snap Bags, 6-Linking Beanbags with Endless Game Possibilities 

Throwing and catching are made easy with two Snap Bags linked together. They create a calming presence when all six are attached and used as a shoulder or lap weight. Snap Bags open an entirely new world of gross-motor, fine-motor and social skill game opportunities. 

Other features and benefits: 
• Introduces colors, numbers and shapes–great for sorting and matching 
• Safe durable and spot washable 
• Drawstring bag included for product storage 
• Booklet included with easy, medium and challenging play options 

Ages 3+

     There is even a booklet included that shares additional ideas for use of this weighted toy. 

Disclaimer: The Pencil Grip Inc. generously provided a set of Snap Bags for this review and a second set for the giveaway winner. All opinions are my own and no other compensation was provided.


  1. How neat these are! I've never seen them before.

  2. I learned that my local teacher store carries their products. Must. Have. Gummy. Bear. Eraser. lol

  3. I really like the silverware that they have. I have never seen it before.

  4. I learned that thepencilgrip.com sells a lot of cool products I've never seen before!

  5. I learned that the pencil grip works with the body's natural physiology. And I want some of those.

  6. That's the pencil grip that my son liked the best when he tried a whole bunch of them in OT a few years ago. I need to get him some more -- ASAP.

  7. They have some other games that look really cute - like an explorer ring, textured beads, and bumpity blocks. They also have social skills card games.

  8. I learned that these Snap Blocks, as well as many other products they offer, would be GREAT for my 4 year old on the autism spectrum. We need these!

  9. I learned about the CLAW - which I may have to get for my aspie!

  10. The Pencil Grib started in 1992. The bags are good for sorting, matching and counting.
    shuttermom77 at gmail dot com

  11. These would be useful for matching shapes as well.

  12. I am loving their Triangle Sharpener. It has an eraser attached too. Very neat! (And I think I need to get some Band Buddies for gifts...)
    cbeargie at yahoo dot com

  13. they are a family company started in 1992:)

  14. I love the Jump Rope Kit w/ Foam Handles - Header Bag. Who knew there were kits out there for that!


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