Captain Jax Math Fax

     My kids and I quickly jumped into using this program without reading the instructions. I ended up calling the number listed on the website, and found customer service by Captain Jack himself to be very friendly and helpful. Later as I read more on the CapJax website, I found this teacher's guide which explains the program in detail.

   In general, if children have their basic facts memorized they will be more successful with advanced math lessons. We have been incorporating flash cards as well as straight memorization of math facts into our lessons this year. This program has been a fun alternative way to drill addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

     The program is fairly simple. There are no avatars to create, and the same illustration that is shown in the sample here is basically what you see the whole time you use the program, just with different problems.
     The program looks just like this picture. The student advances through the program by entering the correct answer and pressing the enter key. There are two modes of play, signed in and practice mode. In practice mode the options can be customized.

     Below is a screen shot of the program as you begin. You can see that the window opened for the program doesn't take up your whole computer screen.

     Once students sign in, they work toward earning badges.
     You have the option of signing in to save scores or just working in practice mode. If they work in practice mode, all of the options can be customized. One thing that Captain Jack pointed out when I called was that the additional options can be combined for more of a challenge. For example, you can work with negative numbers and word problems. You can also change the time allowed to complete each problem.

     CapJaxMathFax is available for purchase as a CD or download for $29.95. A free evaluation is also available on the website.

     We received an eight month subscription to this program for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. See what other crew members shared in their reviews here.


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