TOS Homeschool Crew Review: Amazing Science! - Volume 1

     This Amazing Science Volume 1 set of two DVDs may be my son's favorite review item yet. As soon as we watched the first few chapters, he went to the kitchen to try some of the experiments.

     Each video can be a "stand alone" lesson. The necessary supplies are shared at the beginning of each lesson. It would be helpful to have a handout of items ahead of time so we could pick them when shopping before watching the DVD the first time. Having to wait though did build up excitement for the experiments.

      The very first experiment is a delightful "trick" using whole milk, we tried it that first night as soon as my husband brought home a new gallon of milk (which we had called and requested just for this while he was still at work.)

     There are several different ways to approach this DVD. You can watch it with your children and then do the experiments together as demonstrated, or you can watch it yourself and surprise your children with the experiments. My kids wanted to watch, so I paused the first one before it showed the reaction, but they completely watched the others on the first DVD before we attempted them. At the end of one, Jason (who completes each experiment) said "grab an adult" and then continued on with instructions to follow. My son laughed as he grabbed my hand to have me go assist him with the experiment right then.

     Not all items used in these experiments are typical household items, such as a copper pipe. However, most of the materials used are easily to find.

    Two experiments that we especially enjoyed were the Color Changing Milk and Keep Paper Dry Underwater.

     Along with the items needed and the experiment demonstrated, the rational for each experiment is shared. For instance in "Cloud in a Bottle" a step by step explanation of how clouds form was shared.
     This set of two DVDs is available on the Science and Math website for $19.95. In addition to their Science experiment DVDs, they also offer math tutorial DVDs as well as free videos when you sign up at their website.

     Disclaimer: I was given this DVD set as mentioned above for the purpose of this review. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions shared are my own. 


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