catching up...

~   A feeling of release as I scratch off more and more from my list- yes, I am very thankful.

~ rendering unto Caesar... That verse comes to mind each year at tax time. That chore is one I am very thankful to complete.

~ sunrise service, celebrating the resurrection of our Savior with my family

~ family brunch

~ sisters

~ grass left long with flowers for hiding eggs

~ "big kid" not too big to hunt for eggs
~ long letters

~ boxes of books

~ my son's enthusiasm "can I start third grade now?"

~ the realization that I can say yes

~ long visit with family friends

~ dying eggs

~ new food art like these chicks by my Em:
and these bunnies:

~ brief nap

~ painted cookies

~ flowers from Heather

~ growing kittens

~ rearranged furniture in kid's room- great setup at no cost

~ Powpow playing his harmonica

~ chocolate shared

~ ducks set free

2144 and counting
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