when burnt smells good

     When I came home from work, the kids all greeted me with smiles. "Don't worry about the burnt smell. One just fell in the bottom of our oven, but we got it out." As I walked inside, they led me to the bathroom to show me how they had straightened the cabinet shelves and the freshly cleaned bathtub and shower. Again, "Sorry about the smell. We sprayed air freshener."

     Did home smell this good before?

     In our small group Sunday morning, we talked about gratitude. Reminders of the lessons learned (and some still being learned) about being thankful.

     I am thankful for...
... reminders in Scripture-
      God's Word to my heart
... "lots of green" in our garden
... lunch with my children
... corndogs, extra crispy, shared with love
... sliced apples and chocolate pudding
... smiles around the table
... candles lit
... flour all over the clean kitchen
... loaves of bread rising
...Pappy's grilled chicken
... lingering smells


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  1. First of all, "we spray air freshener" – THAT'S a classic! I'm smiling from ear to ear as I type this – thank you for that. And secondly – of your thank you's, my favorite kind of goes with the story – the flour all over the kitchen – and not only that, but that you included it as a thank you. I think Ann would approve! God bless and keep you and each and every one of your bakers.


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