TOS Homeschool Crew Review: Progeny Press- Across Five Aprils and Pride and Prejudice

     Our family was given downloads for two different products from Progeny Press- the Interactive Study Guide and Answer Key for Across Five Aprils as well as for Pride and Prejudice.

     Though we had it on our shelf, none of us had read Across Five Aprils yet (which contributed to my choice of books for the middle school study.) We decided to use this book as a family read-aloud instead of just having my 6th grader complete the study independently. We read chapters out loud and took a break between each 2-3 chapters to discuss the book using the 66 page study guide. The 10 page answer key provided additional facts about the time period and topics discussed. Though designed as "interactive" with spaces for typing, we kept this a whole family activity by reading the questions out loud. In addition to questions, activities are suggested. One that sparked all of our interest was a suggestion to use a map and mark who won each battle of the Civil War as it was mentioned in the book. We cut flags to represent the north and the south, and I'll come back and add pictures here later when that project is actually complete.

     My oldest daughter and I had watched more than one movie version of Pride and Prejudice and she thought it would be a fun literature study. We found the book at the library and along with the study guide, she compared the book to the DVDs. It is recommended that this 76 page study guide be used for 1/4 high  school credit.

     Did you know there was such a thing as proper and improper pride? This is just one of the discussions within this study. Vocabulary is interesting as words used when Pride and Prejudice was written are far different from ordinary conversation today. Using something we both enjoyed was a fun way for my daughter and I to discuss topics such as irony and humility. We will be continuing to use this resource.

    Recommended resources to accompany these studies include the book, a dictionary, thesaurus, and a Bible.

    These study guides are available in three formats: as a printed and bound book, CD, or pdf download. Prices range from $10.99 to $27.99. Samples are available on the Progeny Press website.

     Disclaimer: I was given a download of these products as mentioned above for the purpose of this review. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions shared are my own. 


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