rabbit trails

     Somehow our lessons often come back around to discussing animals. Today, for instance, soon after opening our new Fractions book (another AIMS review I'll share in full later) I looked up to illustrate the numerator/denominator explanation. My eyes settled on the mounted deer head, so that became the subject of our math illustration.

     A few weeks ago in the violin shop Emily got a new E string because there was a wolf on her string. Sound silly? After replacing the string, our friendly luthier explained that where he was from they would make rabbit snares with the old violin strings. Snow is rare here, so I didn't fully understand the concept of a rabbit trail until he explained why a snare would work. The animals repeatedly take the same path where they have packed down the snow.

     Do you travel down rabbit trails with your children? I have been getting sidetracked by much more than animals lately.


  1. We are famous for rabbit trails! :)

  2. Oh yes, we often go down "rabbit trails" during our school time - it makes for very interesting lessons sometimes! :)

  3. Rabbit Trails all the time in our homeschool life. :) I usually completely forget where we got started. :)

    Just got our fractions book too from AIMS. Still trying to figure out how the colored plastic piece that came with it comes into play.

  4. My kids would just like to get some snow! We haven't had any this year - and we live in Michigan!


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