Italian Ice with #EqualSucralose

     This frozen treat was surprisingly simple, so easy in fact that we made it again two days after we first tried it. We have had some hot days already this spring, and this chilly snack was perfect to help us cool off.
1 c. cranberry juice (we used the diet version)
1 c. water
1 c. Equal Sucralose
     Just 3 ingredients- so easy! For regular sugar syrup you have to boil water and dissolve the sugar. Equal Sucralose dissolves almost instantly even in cold water, so the process is much faster than sugar and freezes faster when your water and juice are both cold. Stir Equal Sucralose into water. It doesn't change the volume, so your final amount with this recipe is 2 c. Stir in the juice and pour into a flat container. We used a rectangle plastic container, but it would freeze even faster on a metal pan. After about an hour rake a fork across the top to break it up. Ours was hardly frozen after an hour, but 3 hours was just a bit too long. We transferred it to a metal bowl and continued to break it up until it was all in small pieces. 

     Have you seen this easy to use yellow canister? To find out if stores near you carry Equal Sucralose, click here.
     This is a compensated blog post as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and #EqualSucralose completed at the McComb, Ms. Walmart #1025 for this #CBias shop. You can also see my related Google+ story here. Thanks #CBias and #EqualSucralose!

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