More thankful...

   weekend in Houston
   meeting Siesta sisters!
   verses learned
   words spoken to my heart
   worship of the One True God
   hands lifted high
   memories of a lifetime
   room service
   beautiful encouraging story shared by a Mama friend of her daughter's choice, standing up for her what she knew was right
   visit with friends
   more right choices
   glimpse of how it could be making me even more thankful for present blessings
   words of hope
   happy memories of the past, shared
   prayers heard!!!
   hand held
   swinging with friend
   girls' excitement
   texting with my girls, another unexpected link of joy
   hearts shared
   pink heart shaped marshmallows, roasted
   "leftover" sparklers
   shooting star
   late night bonfire
   ... with late night coffee
      ... which led to late night blogging
   yummy Nutella
   pretty melodies
   yummy roast
   heart dissection done by my Mom, I'll spare you those pictures
   family together

1977 and counting
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  1. Lovely list of thanks - thank you for sharing...

  2. lovely list of blessings, Thanks for sharing.

  3. Room service... so appreciate because it doesn't happen often! :) A shooting star... love it. Bonfires are so much fun!


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