fruit in season

     We have no bananas today, but we have bushels of oranges. (All of the bananas on the tree froze, even with the blanket.) I've read of programs like Bountiful Baskets and other produce co-ops. There is nothing like that close to us, but we heard of an opportunity too good to pass up for oranges.
     A friend offered to pick up oranges at an almost unbelievable price. We chose "seconds" which I thought would have a few blemishes. Some did, but another surprise was the size. The ones too large to go to the groceries were included in that label!

     My morning drink has been replaced. I couldn't find a baseball, so you can see the  comparison to my normal breakfast drink. The kids all appreciate freshly squeezed orange juice. I hope it will help to keep winter colds far away. The only negative has been a few cuts to my thumb while peeling the oranges.

     My favorite version includes a little of whatever we have in the fridge: orange, carrot, grapefruit, celery, apple, and even a bit of pineapple thawed from the freezer.


  1. Anonymous12/31/2011

    Oh, I hate to hear that your bananas froze!! I was so hoping you'd be able to save them.

  2. Wendy, so was I. Maybe by next year I'll learn what to do to protect them. A greenhouse?

  3. the best smoothies and juices are the ones made from whatever is in the fridge!


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