31 Days to Clean

     I'm going to try again with the 31 Days to Clean. I keep reading that a new challenge is beginning. I need this.
"Journey with me for 31 Days as we get our homes and our hearts in order. Give me 31 days and I’ll give you not only a cleaner home, but a vision for one."
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  1. Anonymous12/31/2011

    LOL Id join in but I have boxes packed so i can not do this just yet, but its a GREAT Idea,

  2. I just bought the book and plan to join you! I can't wait to get my house under control. Thanks so much!

  3. Kristy, For me it is such a good feeling to get rid of clutter. I'm planning to stick with the book this time.

  4. I did it last year and really got a lot out of it spiritually/mentally, as well as cleaning! I would like to do it again as well, just not this time. Maybe next go around. Have fun!!

  5. I'm really tempted... but I need a little bit more of teaser/ preview to bite.. lol

  6. I so need this book right now!


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