The Homeschool Mother's Journal

The Homeschool Mother's JournalIn my life this week…

     We started NaNoWriMo so school has changed its pace again. 
In our homeschool this week…
     My daughter got a 100 on her Biology exam! I am so thankful for Virtual Homeschool Group. Though we do still have moldy bread in the shed and moldy pears in the fridge for her overdue experiments. She used NaNoWriMo as an excuse, (but that will not work all month.)

     We have been receiving some fun review items to add into our homeschool. I had fun watching my Dad work on a project with the kids.

     Joseph got a new math program to use. He is doing well with the Rod and Staff 2nd grade worksheets, but every day I can tell he no longer enjoys them. We are going to rush through and complete the last two workbooks in the current set, slowing down only if he has trouble. Then we will move on to Interactive 3rd Grade math which hopefully be more enjoyable.
My favorite thing this week was…
     For the first time in over 6 months the kids shared their music at a nursing home. I've been encouraging the girls to smile while they play their violins, and I finally learned what worked. The nursing home's piano was terribly our of tune, and Em smiled, almost holding in laughter the whole time they tried to play along with Joseph. He made it even harder as he played Amazing Grace from memory instead of looking at his book. I love hearing the kids make music together. One lady sang along and clapped; what a great audience!
Questions/thoughts I have…
     How early do you begin preparing for Christmas? I actually heard a radio commercial of one shop promoting that they would not be displaying Christmas things until after Thanksgiving. Though that used to be the norm, we have seen a lot of Christmas displays already. I've started planning crafts and gifts for the kids to make.
I’m cooking…
     Tonight I made potatoes like these I pinned. So simple and yummy!

Picture to share…



  1. The potatoes look yum!!!

    I've pretty much finished my Christmas shopping and I've seen some new decorations that I'd like to get. That's about all I've done.

    And awesome about the nursing home performances. What a blessing for the residents. My friend and I were just talking about doing something like that.

  2. Mmmmm....potatoes look delish!

  3. They were yummy tonight as leftovers, too. Try it. :)

  4. Your nursing home comment made me smile. My mom was in a great nursing home until she passed away last February. I remember folks commenting on how she would sing along with the music.

    I agree with the Christmas comment. I hate it when they begin playing Christmas music so early. I haven't started Christmas shopping yet, but have begun to think about it.

    Now for the real exciting thing. I saw your potatoes and am now very hungry :-< I'll have to check out the recipe!

  5. Did you do the sweet potatoes with cinnamon? That's a good idea (either way!), thanks for sharing your find with us :)

  6. So it's NOT just me?! The Christmas stuff starts earlier in the stores every year, doesn't it. I don't mind unless it hits me the moment I walk into the store.

    Those potatoes look yummy!

  7. Reading that your children played at the nursing home touched my heart as well. I would love to help contribute with something that thoughtful.

  8. Those potatoes look good! I really need to start doing the Journal again too.


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