counting on

a break from routine as we know it
community Thanksgiving service
sleeping late
quiet mornings
feeding the pets (including Snow White and Prince Charming) with my son aka Superman
countless shades of red
shared dreams early in the morning
weekend sewing project and light in my daughter's eyes
potato cannon and unseasonable produce in garden shot through it
brown paper packages
new business with my girls
raindrops on the pond
raindrops on me
the joy of running in the rain
the sound of rain pounding on tin roof
tomato soup on rainy night
memories of enjoying the same thing with my Grandmother, as a child
daughters happiness hunting with her Daddy (my dear hubby)
deer!!! (on its way to becoming sausage for winter pots of red beans and rice, jambalaya...)
enjoying a new movie with my kiddos and hubby
quilt plans with Granny
more memories being made
trying new recipes with my girls (and even having fun when they don't all turn out as they should)
shared recipes with friends
more packages in the mail
mugs of homemade cocoa
clean kitchen
one more area organized
no lightening damage from storm
family involvement in my kid's lives
warm socks
comfort in knowing that my prayers are heard

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