2011 Gratitude challenge - Motherhood

     A quick comment on another blog led to a response that made my day earlier this week. When I shared that being a Mommie colored my point of view, this was the response "It flavors all of your writing – and all your words come out in shades of love."

     I do stay in a constant state of Motherhood. This is who I have become. This morning the song that came to my mind was from Barney, which we haven't even watched much since my oldest was very very young. But the words come back and remind me. "I love you, you love me, we're a happy family." That tune is what filled my mind as I emptied the laundry basket. I wash their clothes and am happy to do so. I'm happy for all six little hands that help around the house and complete their chores that help us to be a happy family. I am thankful to be Mommie.

     Being a Mommie is such a blessing. I am thankful for this wonderful gift with which I have been triple blessed. Some things that make me smile thankfulness: little arms wrapped around my neck, sleepy kisses early in the morning, watching my children play together, living close enough to my Grandparents for my children to spend time with and learn from them, hands helping create in our kitchen, and learning together.

     As I reflect on gratitude, on Eucharisteo, on thankfulness I pray that everything I write does come out in shades of God's love. Because He first loved, I can love. His love first covered me, so I can continue to learn to be a loving Mommie along with every other role that I am in this life.

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  1. Not only did His love teach you to love, but He paired you with your particular children. He chose a dynamic that would enhance your love. :-)


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