2011 Gratitude challenge - internet

     In recent years I have been repeatedly blessed through connections online in too many ways to list them all.

     The internet makes our world seem smaller. When I was first able to send and receive e-mail from across the world to a college friend who had moved, I could hardly believe it. Now our family regularly corresponds with other family members in Japan, Singapore, and Taiwan. Two weeks ago a dear friend celebrated her birthday with a trip to Iceland. Her husband shared pictures while they were still there. My Aunt is in Spain now, and again, I'm receiving pictures and updates from across the world. Technology, for us, has increased how much we share and communicate.

     Obviously, I share reviews on this blog. So many of the curriculum choices that we now use are possible because of reviews. I even learned that the choices provided to me through the TOS Homeschool Review Crew are covered in prayer. That is amazing to me. Other resources we use are because of recommendations from friends on the Crew. Our whole way that we do school is different because of connections online.

     I am thankful for links shared by friends like these Biology lesson tips that fit right with the online class my daughter is taking thanks to this friend sharing about VHSG.

     Is anything different for you because of the internet? What are you thankful for today?



  1. The internet has been great for us here as well. I have many family members that live far from me. It's nice to chat with them.

    But I agree in how we school with regards to the internet. The crew has been amazing to me. So many wonderful friends I have met through this. Great post! Have a great evening.

  2. I love getting back in touch with people I haven't seen in years, including two roomates I had 30 years ago in Austria. They were my favorite facebook finds.

  3. I moved to Europe a few years ago, and I'm thankful for the internet because it allowed me to stay in touch with my friends, Google the information I needed (from cooking substitutions and measurements to how to train our new guard dogs), and translate foreign words I didn't understand when I was in a hurry ;)


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