2011 Gratitude challenge - eyesight

     Yesterday my Granny had surgery to remove a large cataract and implant a lens in her right eye. After returning from the eye doctor a few weeks ago, she shared that it had been nine years since her last eye exam and she just thought her vision was worsening with age.

     After the surgery, even though her vision is still blurry (for a few more days) her color awareness changed immediately. She smiled when sharing that she thought her jacket was brown, but learned that it is gold. "All these years I've been wearing a gold jacket with my brown clothes." I wonder how many other things aren't really brown when she looks at them again.

     Today my girls and I went with Granny for her first follow up appointment. The doctor let the girls look through his equipment into Granny's eye and explained the remaining fluid that they viewed.

     I'm thankful for eyesight, for vision. I pray that God will open my eyes to needs around me and help me serve Him with this beautiful gift of sight.


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  1. How exciting for her to be able to see better again! And it's really neat that the doctor was so good with your girls!


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