2011 Gratitude challenge - books

     I have had an almost lifelong love of reading. I remember snuggling with my Grandmother as she read story after story to me, then later as we both read our own books though still together. I am thankful that my kids share my enjoyment of reading and, too, that they do still look to me as they make their choices about what to read.

     Lately I have been slowly reading The Help. A few negative book reviews have me again reevaluating what I read myself and what I encourage my kids to read. This book, though set in a time before my time, is still a setting close to home which is one of the many things I enjoy reading. It has me stopping and thinking a lot which has me reading it even more slowly. It brings to mind a quote my friend Lynn recently shared: "Don't ever assume that you know the filters that other people live their lives through."

     I also remember my Grandmother sharing how many times she read the Bible through (though I don't remember the exact number that she shared more than half my life ago.) I am grateful for memories, for a Godly heritage, and for a shared enjoyable past time. 

     What are you thankful for today?


  1. I read the Help and just went to the movie to see it. I enjoyed the book. Curious as to the negative review you have heard. I know the author's time line is off but that didn't bother me

  2. Oops, I wasn't clear in what I included about negatives. There is a fine line between what I let my girls read and what they already know from real life. I wasn't referring to this book when I said negative, but instead that some recent negative ones have me paying even closer attention to my own reading choices KWIM? Did you enjoy the movie as well as the book? I haven't seen it.

  3. I really enjoyed The Help! I haven't seen the movie yet, but I want to see it!

  4. I, too, am so grateful for books (I'm a librarian, so it kind of goes without saying)... I think any book that makes you think has value, and it looks like you've found one. The Help is one of those on my "should read" list, and I'll certainly try to do so before watching the film. Glad to read a positive review.


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